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Established in 1990, this family-run business has woven itself into the fabric of Lebanon’s rich culinary culture. Yet, in a world where visual branding speaks volumes, Fadel Trading faced the critical challenge of reinventing its brand identity to resonate more profoundly with its community and beyond. Their journey with Keemya, a tale of creativity and strategic branding, showcases how visual transformation can transcend traditional boundaries, creating a brand image that is as fresh and appealing as their products.

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About Fadel Trading

Founded in 1990, Fadel Trading Company has established itself as a key player in Lebanon’s culinary landscape, specializing in offering fresh, top-quality fruits. With a rich history and commitment to tradition, the company has grown from its humble beginnings to become an essential part of Lebanon’s culinary heritage.

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The challenge

Fadel Trading faced the challenge of developing a distinctive brand image that would resonate with the community and be instantly recognizable from their logo.

Services Used:

Business impact

The collaboration with Keemya led to a remarkable transformation of Fadel Trading’s brand image:

Developed a distinctive and instantly recognizable logo and visual identity.

Created memorable impressions among both local and international clients, enhancing the brand’s market presence.

The visual overhaul led to an increase in brand awareness and solidified Fadel Trading’s position in the market.

Esteemed digital marketing solutions

Keemya’s team collaborated with Fadel Trading to redefine its visual identity, focusing on creating a lasting impact on clients:

Visual Appeal: Ensured that the new designs were visually appealing, memorable, and representative of Fadel Trading’s essence.

Cultural Essence: The visuals were imbued with the rich cultural heritage and commitment to quality of Fadel Trading.

International Resonance: The brand identity was designed to appeal not just locally but also resonate internationally, ensuring a broader recognition.

Fadel Trading Company’s journey with Keemya turned a branding challenge into a success story, showcasing the power of strategic visual branding in enhancing market presence and recognition.

For Fadel Trading, Keemya's strategic approach included:

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